World Editor

World Editor

World Editor is the main tools used to create an online universe. It is used to:

  • Create the landscape
  • Place the objects on the landscape (shops, rock, ...)
  • Place the AI (monster, npc) on the landscape
  • Draw zones/paths for the AI
  • Draw zones for raw material (forage) on the landscape
  • Create and place missions

There's a small tutorial on how to use the World Editor

The major current drawback is that the tools only works on Windows. It also uses local file system so it's hard to collaborate on the same part in the same time.

A long term goal is to rewrite this tool using web technology.

Create landscape

Ryzom Core uses a tailing system for the landscape. Tiles are 160 meters by 160 meters and define a basic element you can place on your universe. Then you can create the universe by painting with the mouse.

Display collisions

You can see the server collision. Blue means the space is available and red show the borders. The small circles on the following screenshot are the trees.

Display PACS collisions

You can also see the PACS collision that is used on the client side to detect collision. It uses some detailed geometries to have exact collisions. The system use contour line based on the altitude of the map. Green contour means the player can pass, red lines are collisions.

Place objects

Place zones

Place AI

Place raw material (deposits)

Create missions