Writing PDSS Scripts

Persistent Data Support Service Scripts

Creating Character Scripts

Available Commands

Available CommandArgumentsDescription
inputFileRule<name> [<args>]Add a rule relative to the files to be parsed
filter<name> [<args>]Add a filter to limit the set criteria to determine which files' content to reflect in output
infoExtractor<name> [<args>]Add an info extractor
outputPath<path>Set the directory to which the output will be written
outputName<fileNameRoot>Set the file name root (default to empty string)

Available Information Extractors

Info ExtractorFieldsDescription
NamenameThe character name
PlayTimeplay_hoursThe time in hours that the character has spent on-line since the 'play time' stat was added
LastActivityDatelast_dateThe last time that the player connected (time stamp)
FirstActivityDatestart_dateThe first time that the player connected
LastActivityTimelast_timeThe last time that the player connected (time stamp)
FirstActivityTimestart_timeThe first time that the player connected
ActivityDurationactive_daysThe difference in days between first time connected and last time connected
RecentPlayHistorynum_sessions,shortest_session,longest_session,average_session,ttl_session_time,session_listRecent play time stats
RaceraceThe character's race
GendergenderThe character's gender
GuildIdguildThe guild number
MoneymoneyCash in hand
AuraEndaura_endend date of the prohibited reuse time for auras
Positionx,y,placex y position and place
Sessionshome,sessionhome session id and current session id
CharacsConstitution,Metabolism,Intelligence,Wisdom,Strength,WellBalanced,Dexterity,Willconstitution, strength, etc
Statshp, sap, sta, focusHP,Stamina,Sap,Focus
FamesFyros,Kami,Karavan,Matis,Tryker,Zoraimain fame scores
Civcivdeclared civilization
Cultcultdeclared cult
DeathPenaltyPenalty,Nb_Deathsdeath penalty stats
RitesStartedRites,FinishedRitesfrequency stats regarding rites
ActiveMissionsact_missionsfrequency stats regarding active missions
MissionHistoryhist_missionsfrequency stats regarding completed missions
SkillPointsspFight,ttlSpFight,minSpFight,spMagic,ttlSpMagic,minSpMagic,spCraft,ttlSpCraft,minSpCraft,spHarvest,ttlSpHarvest,minSpHarvestskill points and related stats
HighestSkillsskill_best,skill_sf,skill_sm,skill_sc,skill_shHighest skills in each main branch
PlayerRoomAndPetsroom,petSheet0,petPos0,petState0,petSheet1,petPos1,petState1,petSheet2,petPos2,petState2,petSheet3,petPos3,petState3"The Id of the room and number of pets owned by the character
PlayerRoomStatsUnidentifiedThe stats of number of players who have access to each room type
RespawnPointCountrespawnPointCountNumber of respawn points
RespawnPointStatsUnidentifiedStats on number of players who have access to each of the respawn points
VisPropStatsUnidentifiedStats on race and visual props
FactionPointsfactPtsThe character's faction points