I will try to get a small tutorial for getting your own MMO with Ryzom running. It's a work in progress, since i will document my own way here

My Server: Linux/Ubuntu
My Client: Windows/Vista

For the Linux Server 

  • Follow this guide
  • Things i needed to change:
    • in code/ryzom/tools/scripts/linux/shard i needed to change line 2 so it found the shard start script
    • my web-admin requires code/ryzom/tools/server/admin//templates/default_c/ so copy the code/ryzom/tools/server/admin//templates/default/ and make it writeable
    • create code/ryzom/tools/server/admin/graphs_output
    • check that code/ryzom/server/data_shard_local is writeable for the service
    • my ryzom code is in /home/ryzom/ryzom/code/... but some things still required $HOME/code so i made a symbolic link (i think this is called) wich points /home/ryzom/code to /home/ryzom/ryzom/code

For the Windows Client 

The World Editor