Creating and Deploying Patches with Patch Gen

This page describes the manual procedure for reference only. It is automated by the build pipeline scripts.


Generate New Product

First generate a new product by running:

patch_gen createNewProduct patch_game/game.xml

This creates default directory layout and xml files.

Directory Layout

  • patch_game
    • bnp - folder where your put your BNP files.
    • patch - folder containing the generated patch files, to be copied to your patch web server.
    • ref - patch_gen work files.
  • patch_game/game.hist
  • patch_game/game.xml

Generate patch

Copy updated .bnp files to patch_game/bnp and run

patch_gen updateProduct patch_game/game.xml

XML File


                        <_Name type="STRING" value="main"/>
                        <_IsOptional type="SINT32" value="0"/>
                        <_IsIncremental type="SINT32" value="0"/>
                        <_Files type="STRING" value="main.bnp"/>
                        <_Files type="STRING" value="sound.bnp"/>
                        <_Files type="STRING" value="textures.bnp"/>
                        <_Name type="STRING" value="unpacked"/>
                        <_IsOptional type="SINT32" value="0"/>
                        <_UnpackTo type="STRING" value="./"/>
                        <_IsIncremental type="SINT32" value="1"/>
                        <_Files type="STRING" value="exedll.bnp"/>
                        <_Name type="STRING" value="optional"/>
        <_IndexFileName type="STRING" value="game.hist"/>
        <_PatchDirectory type="STRING" value="patch_game/patch/"/>
        <_BnpDirectory type="STRING" value="patch_game/bnp/"/>
        <_RefDirectory type="STRING" value="patch_game/ref/"/>
        <_NextVersionFile type="STRING" value="patch_game/ryzom_open.version"/>


<_Files> node in each category will tell which .bnp files are being tracked.

Directory entries or IndexFileName can also be absolute like bnp's in 'r:/game/ryzom/data', patch will be put to 'w:/webroot/patch_game' and history is kept in 'c:/game.hist'

External Tools

lzma.exe can be found from

xdelta.exe from


On Windows 7 environments you may need to enable compatibility. To do this:

  1. Right click on xdelta.exe and choose Properties
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Check "Run this program in compatility mode for" in the "Compatibility Mode" section.
  4. Choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"
  5. Click OK.
  6. Run xdelta.exe and confirm that you wish to allow the program to make changes to your system.

Patch Generated

  1. Create a folder inside the client directory and name it "unpack".
  2. Place the ryzom_00000.idx inside the "unpack" folder created in step number one.
    The 5 digits is the server version, if your server version is 1 you will have to replace 000000 to 00001
  3. Open your favorite database editor and click on "nel" then click the table "domain".
  4. There's a domain with the id of 12, click to edit the fields patch_version.
  5. Replace "patch_version" with the version of your server version, in this case it would be 0, click save.
  6. Make sure to change your client cfg file to "PatchWanted = 1;" 
  7. Open the client and watch it patch your client files! 

Build Client for Patching

Your client must be build in FINAL_VER

Edit the code to allow you to specift the patch server



and add


Add values such as below to your client_default.cfg

PatchServer = "";
RingReleaseNotePath        = "";


PatchServer is the patch_game directory
RingReleaseNotePath is the url to your release notes file, the client does pass a $ver value so you can use that ot have different notes per version ie in a php file

example file:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"></head><body>
  <h1>Saturday, Febuary 25 2012</h1>


  <p>After much work and a few years we are proud to present the first official release of Tempest in the Aether.</p>




Patch Using Web Services

  1. By default the patch server uses port 43435. The complete footer specified by the fronted_service_default.cfg is :43435/patch.
  2. Add new virtual host to httpd-vhosts.conf

    Listen 43435
    <VirtualHost *:43435>
      <Directory "C:\ryzom_core_build\client_patch\patch">
         AllowOverride All
         Order allow,deny
         Allow from all
      DocumentRoot "C:\ryzom_core_build\client_patch\patch" 
      ServerName localhost
  3. Copy generated patches to the DocumentRoot you specified.
  4. Add or update the ryzom_open.version
    1. Create a new file in patch dir called "ryzom_open.version"
    2. Inside the new file put current version # space current version # line return




    3. make sure all patch files (.idx & _debug.xml) start with ryzom_5 digit patch #

  5. Update server:
    1. Open your favorite database editor and click on "nel" then click the table "domain".
    2. There's a domain with the id of 12, click to edit the fields patch_version.
    3. Replace "patch_version" with the version of your server version, in this case it would be 1.
    4. Replace "patch_urls" with the url of the PatchServer, in this case , click save
  6. Add IP/URL of web server to Client_default.cfg in the client directory.

    PatchServer = "";
    PatchWanted = 1;
  7. Start client and login. Patching should commence.