World Sheet Settings

World Sheet

The world sheet is important as it defines what continents are loaded by the client and server as well as giving the client some important visual cue information.

continents list


continent_name: This parameter defines the name of the continent sheet to load. The system will attempt to load continent_name.continent.
continent_name: This parameter is used to as the key to look up a loaded continent sheet from the Continent Manager. Its value is usually identical to the continent_name.
h2. maps list

This contains a list of maps that typically refer to a continent.

world map

name: The "Group Map" code (responsible for the mini maps) will perform a selected continent lookup to retrieve this object. This name should usually match contname.
contname: When a continent is "selected" by the continent manager it will use its name to match this parameter and to build the in-game mini map or respawn map.
bitmap: This is the image file to be used in the mini map window in the client.

world map children