Creating Named Items

Creating Named Items

What Are Named Items

The named item system is an easy way to produce customized items with craft parameters and special names. These items are stored in a file callednamed_items.txt which is stored in the EGS service's data_shard folder. It is a PDR of CGameItem objects. Any private member of a game item object is available to you for specialization. This data is then stored in a manager within the EGS and uses the PhraseID as a key. This is important - the phrase ID used must be unique.

Admin Tools


  • reloadNamedItems - reloads the contents of the named_items.txt file.
  • createNamedItemInBag <eId> <item> [<quantity>] - spawns an instance of the named item in the target EIDs bag. The item is the phrase ID used to name the item.

Note: You can execute createNamedItemInBag using the same syntax minus the entity ID and it will spawn an instance in your own inventory.

These commands, when executed in-game, require DEV or SGM privileges.

Named Item File Structure

As mentioned above the Named Items folder is an array of inventory and as such each Items entry is a a raw text dump of an instantiated object. Look at the CGameItem class for more information on what parameters can be adjusted here.

Example Named Item Entry
_Items#0._ClientInventoryPosition= -1
_Items#0._LocSlot= 0