AI Event Action Condition If Else


This action should take 2 sub actions

If the condition is matched then the first sub action is executed. otherwise the second sub action is executed.
The conditions expression must match the folowing pattern :
<local_variable> <operator> <local_variable|foreign_variable|constant_value>
operator can be one of '<', '>', '=', '!=', '<=', '>='

Each group come with a set of 4 variables with id 0 to 3.

Locals variables are the variables of the current group, they are expressed with a 'v' followed by the variable id (0-3). eg : v0. 

Foreign variables are accessible only if the group name is unique in the world.


Foreigns variables are variables that come from another group. They are expressed with the group name followed by a colon ':' then followed by a local variable identifier (v). eg : group_1:v2.

Constant value are floating point numerical expression in base 10.

Note that the 'weight' values in the sub actions are used as follows: If the weights are different then the action with the lower weight will be the one executed if the condition is matched


<condition expression>