Developers FAQ

Developers FAQ

Is there a Ryzom Project Roadmap?

Yes, here is the Road Map documentation.

I'd like to add a feature to Ryzom. What do I do?'

The very first thing you should do is start talking with members of the community. It helps to know how your feature is going to fit, what is involved in your feature and whether it will eventually be accepted and merged into the central repository. It's helpful to start with the Contributing to Ryzom documentation. If you're a programmer and want to jump head first into coding please review Coding Standards.

I'd like to start my own project based on Ryzom. Can I do this?

Of course, there are no limitations to what you can do with the Ryzom source, libraries, tools or media so long as you abide by the Ryzom Licenses, respect the Ryzom trademark and abide by the Ryzom Game's Terms of Use and End-User License Agreement which includes using the Ryzom source code to create hacked or otherwise modified clients to connect to the Ryzom Game.

Here are some examples of things you could do with Ryzom:

  • Use the Ryzom source code and create new data to create your own universe.
  • Use the Ryzom source code and the graphics asset to create a parallel Ryzom universe with an entirely unique storyline.
  • Use the Ryzom graphics assets to create any other sort of game such as offline RPG, puzzle games, etc.

What you cannot do is to use Ryzom trademark, nor names proprietary to the Ryzom Game (creatures, NPCs, location names), or use some modified code to hack/cheat on official Ryzom servers.

Can I sell projects based on Ryzom or charge for subscriptions?

If you reuse the graphics assets of Ryzom for your own game/project, you can sell it, just follow Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

If you reuse the source code of Ryzom for your own game/project, you can sell it but you have to follow the term of the AGPLv3 license. For example, you'll have to release the source code of your project under the same AGPLv3 license (the client and the server).

How do I get the source code?

Please follow the instruction on this page. Or visit our BitBucket Project to browse the source.

How do I build the source code?

Please follow the instruction on this page for Windows and on this page for Linux.

Can I do anything I want with the Ryzom source code?

Yes, it just have to follow the rules written in the AGPLv3 license.

There's something I want to do but I'm not sure how?

No problem! Please come chat with us or post on the forum. You can find more information on contacting the community here.

Who can answer questions about changes I would like to make?

You have an idea or questions please contact the community.

If I find a bug and have a fix for it how do I submit it?

That's great!

It's helpful to start with the information on reporting bugs and submitting patches. Before you begin writing actual code you should read our coding standards. Once you're ready you'll want to create a new issue and attach the fix so we'll be able to review it and integrate it.

What's more important: fixing bugs or adding features?

Both are important. Some people love to find and fix bugs some other love to add new features. It depends on you and what you want.