UI Editing

Debugging tips:

compile with FINAL_VERSION unchecked you can hit Shift-F2 to find out debugging info about UI elements And other display info.

You can also set Local = 1; in your client.cfg
And then copy your .xml to client\user\whatever.xml
And then edit it and type: /resetEditorAndReloadUI

you can also use /loadui user/whatever.xml

Enable the Debug Console

You can enable a basic development debug console enabling an additional line in the actions.xml. Your client should be build with FINAL_VERSION off in order for this to work. To determine what version your client is look in the upper right corner during loading. If you see an FV then you are in FINAL_VERSIOL, otherwise you should see DEV for development or debug.

  1. Copy actions.xml to the user sub-folder of the client.
  2. Edit the actions.xml and find the line that looks like this:
    <value value="debug_info" hardtext="uiDebug" contexts="game"/> 
  3. Add a new line after this line:
    <value value="debug_info" hardtext="uiDebug" contexts="game"/>