Getting Source

Getting Source

We use Source Forge to host the source code repository using Mercurial DVCS.

  • Install Mercurial.

Debian/Ubuntu Linux - Terminal

$ sudo apt-get install mercurial

  • Create an empty directory called for example ryzom.

anonymous read only access

  • Get the source code locally on your computer by cloning the read only repository (229Mb)
hg clone

Later, to update sources you will need to type :

hg pull && hg update

alternative client (TortoiseHg)

As an alternative you may want to use TortoiseHg ( to download the newest sources (especially if you run Windows).

With TortoiseHg, you will need to click right on your new empty folder and click on "TortoiseHg -> Clone" and you will get this dialog :

Source path: will be
Destination path: will be the folder where you want put all sources.

read write access with specific username

hg clone

USERNAME is your login on BitBucket.