Shard Commands

This is a list of Shard Commands that can be used by players and Admins and the works.

To use the commands in game when your account is flagged with the right Privilege Use the following chat commands in game depending on its target:

  • On yourself
/a <Command>
  • On your target
/b <Command>
  • On someone else
/c <TargetName> <Command>

You can add for example :DEV: into your nel > user table under Privilege Column (replace UId=1 with the UId of your account in the database):


R2 Commands

dssTargetN/Aask DSS to perform a GM action on the player's target


addGuildMemberDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Add a new member to a guild: <guild name> <member name>
addGuildXpDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Add xp to a guild: <guild name> <xp (positive or negative)>
addPetAnimalDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Add pet animal to character: <PetTicket>
addPosFlagDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Add a new position flag: <flag name>
addSkillPointsDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Add skill points of given type (Fight=0, Magic=1, Craft=2, Harvest=3): <SP type [0..3]> <nb SP>
addXPToSkillDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Gain experience in the given skill: <xp> <skill> [<count>]
broadcastDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:Broadcast a message: [repeat=<num repeat> or during=<time in seconds>] [every=<delay in secondes>] <message>
changeHairCutDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Change the haircut of a player: <sheet name>
changeModeDEV:SGM:GM:Change mode of a player: <mode>
changeVarDEV:SGM:GM:Change a variable of a player: <var> <val>
checkTargetSPDEV:SGM:GM:Check target player skill points
clearEventFactionDEV:SGM:GM:Clear the event faction of player: <player name>
clearFriendsListDEV:SGM:GM:Clear the friend list of a player
clearGuildMessageN/AClear the guild message of the day
clearIgnoreListDEV:SGM:GM:Clear the ignore list of a player
clearIsFriendOfListDEV:SGM:GM:Clear the "is friend of" list of a player
createItemInBagDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Create an item and put it in the player bag: <sheetId>/<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
createItemInInvDEV:Create an item and put it in the given player inventory: <invId> <sheetId>/<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
createItemInTmpInvDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Create an item and put it in the player temp inventory: <sheetId>/<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
createNamedItemInBagDEV:SGM:Create a named item and put it in the player bag: <item name> [<quantity>]
createFullArmorSetDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Create and equip player with chosen full armor set: <race (fyros/matis/zorai/tryker)> <type (light/medium/heavy)> <quality>
delPosFlagDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Delete a position flag: <flag name>
dismissDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG:Teleport a player back to its former position (before last call to summonPlayer): <player name>
displayForageRMDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Display forageable raw materials near by or at the exact position of a player: <exactPos=1> <extendedInfo=0>
displayInfosOnTargetDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Display infos on entity target
dodgeN/ASet the defense mode to dodge
execPhraseDEV:SGM:GM:Execute a phrase with given bricks: <cyclic 0/1> [<brick ids>...]
executeSabrinaPhraseDEV:SGM:GM:Execute a sabrina phrase: <cyclic 0/1> <phraseId>
failMissionDEV:SGM:GM:Force mission failure: <mission idx>
forceTargetToDieDEV:SGM:GM:Force entity target to die
getEventFactionDEV:SGM:GM:Get the event faction of player: <player name>
giveRespawnPointDEV:SGM:GM:Give a respawn point to a player: <respawn point name>
guildInviteN/ASend a guild invite to a player character without distance constrainte
guildMOTDN/ASet the guild message of the day, command effective only for officer and more graded guild members
ignoreTellsDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG:Ignore incoming tell: <0/false/1/true>
infosDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG:Give info on character (GodMode, Invisible...)
killMobDEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG:Kill a mob (/b killMob)
learnAllBricksDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Specified player learns all possible bricks for his skill values
learnAllForagePhrasesDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Learn all forage phrases, begin at specified index: <index>
learnAllPhrasesDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Specified player learns all possible phrases for his skill values
learnBrickDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Specified player learns given brick: <brick sheet>
unlearnBrickDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Specified player unlearns given brick: <brick sheet>
learnPhraseDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Specified player learns a phrase and set it at index knownPhraseIndex: <phrase Sheet>
listGuildMembersDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Display guild members list: <guild name>
listPosFlagsDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG:List position flags (long format): [<radius in meters>]
loadFromPDRDEV:SGM:Load a character from a binary PDR file: <file name>
loadFromXMLDEV:SGM:Load a character from an XML file: <file name>
logXpGainDEV:SGM:GM:Log or not xp gain infos for specified player: <on/off>
lPosFlagsDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG:List position flags (short format): [<radius in meters>]
monitorMissionsDEV:SGM:GM:Monitor missions of the given player: <player name>
motdDEV:SGM:GM:VG:Set the current message of the day: <message to be displayed>
muteDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG:Mute a user: <player name> <duration>
muteUniverseDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG:Mute the universe channel: <duration>
outpostBanGuildDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Ban a guild for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <guild_name> [<all/atk/def>]
outpostBanPlayerDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Ban a character for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <eid> [<all/atk/def>]
outpostUnbanGuildDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Unban a guild for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <guild_name> [<all/atk/def>]
outpostUnbanPlayerDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Unban a character for an outpost conflit: <outpost_id> <eid> [<all/atk/def>]
parryN/ASet the defense mode to parry
progressMissionDEV:SGM:GM:Force mission progression: <mission idx> [repeat]
renameGuildDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Rename a guild: <guild name> <new guild name>
renamePlayer:DEV:SGM:GM:EM:Rename a player: <player name> <new playerName>
renamePlayerForEventDEV:SGM:EM:EG:Rename a player temporarily for an event: <player name> <new playerName>
resetPowerFlagsDEV:SGM:GM:Reset the ineffective aura and the power flags for given character
respawnAfterDeathN/ARespawn after death at re-spawn point name, it must be valid (validated by PC and usable): <Respawn idx>
resurrectedN/AAnother PC resurrect PC by giving some energy: <Hp> <Sta> <Sap> <Focus>
rootDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG:Root a player: <player name> <time in seconds>
saveToPDRDEV:SGM:Save a character to a binary PDR file: <file name>
saveToXMLDEV:SGM:Save a character to an XML file: <file name>
setEventFactionDEV:SGM:GM:Set the event faction of player: <player name> <event faction>
setGMGuildDEV:SGM:GM:Set the current GM guild
setGuildChargePointDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the charge points of a guild: <guild name> <points>
setGuildDescriptionDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set a guild description: <guild name> <new guild description>
setGuildLeaderDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the leader of a guild: <guild name> <member name>
setGuildMemberGradeDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the grade of a guild member: <guild name> <member name> <grade = Member/Officer/HighOfficer/Leader>
setGuildMessageN/ASet the guild message of the day: <message>
setItemSapLoadDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set an item sap load: <slot index in bag (starts at 0)> <float value>
setPosFlagDEV:SGM:GM:EMSet a position flag: <flag name>
setPvPTagN/ASet player character PvP tag to true or false
setSkillsToMaxValueDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set player skills to max value
showCSRDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG:Show CSR title if the player is a CSR
showFBTDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Show Focus Beta Tester title if the player is a FBT
startEventDEV:SGM:GM:Start an event with the given name: <event name>
stopEventDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Stop previous started event
stopMonitorMissionsDEV:SGM:GM:Stop monitoring missions of the given player
summonDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:Summon a player in front of the CSR: <player name>
targetInfosDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Give infos on the target
teamInviteN/ASend a team invite to a player character
teleportDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:OBSERVER:EM:EG:Teleport the CSR in front of a player: <player name>
tpPosFlagDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:EM:EG:Teleport a player to a position flag: <flag name>
universeDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Chat in universe mode: <boolean>
unmuteDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG:Unmute a user: <player name>
unmuteUniverseDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG:Unmute the universe channel
unrootDEV:SGM:GM:EM:VG:SG:Stop rooting a player: <player name>
updateGuildMembersListDEV:SGM:GM:update guild members list on members clients: <guild name>
validateRespawnPointN/AValidate re-spawn point: <Re-spawn point idx>
setPvpClanDEV:choose a clan for pvp
summonPetN/Aplayer can summon it's pet one time only
allowSummonPetDEV:SGM:GM:autorize player to summon it's pet one time per pet
displayShopSelectorDEV:SGM:display shop selector for a NPC
addFactionAttackableToTargetDEV:add attackable possibility for player on target for specified faction
forceMissionProgressDEV:force mission step progression (for debug purpose only)
savePlayerActiveCharDEV:SGM:save immediatly a player active char, a specific filename can enter for backup a character in specific situation/context
reloadPlayerDEV:SGM:set next filename used for loading a character (must be offline and log later) or relaod an online character to previous backup or with a specified filename.
farTPPushDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:used to tp on a specific session
farTPReturnDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:used to tp back to your previous session
characterMissionDumpDEV:SGM:GM:Dump mission list for a character
removeMissionDEV:SGM:GM:Remove a mission of a character
addMissionDEV:SGM:GM:add a mission to a character


AggroDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG:Mobs can aggro a player?
CreateCharacterStartSkillsValueDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Create character start skills, skill point and money
FBTDEV:SGM:GM:VG:EM:Is a Focus Beta Tester?
GodDEV:SGM:GM:EM:God mode, invulnerability
InvulnerableDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Invulnerable mode, invulnerability to all
ShowFactionChannelsDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:G:Show faction channel for moderation
HPDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Hit points of a player
MaxHPDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Max hit points of a bot
InvisibleDEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:EM:EG:Invisibility of a player
MoneyDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Money of a player
NameDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Name of a player
PositionDEV:SGM:GM:VG:PR:OBSERVER:EM:EG:Position of a player (in meters) <posx>,<posy>[,<posz>]] / <bot name> / <player name> / home
PrivDEV:User privilege
PriviledgePVPDEV:SGM:GM:EM:EG:Turns PVP on/off on character (blame coder for typo)
RyzomDateDEV:SGM:GM:Current ryzom date
RyzomTimeDEV:SGM:GM:Current ryzom time

Event commands

eventCreateNpcGroupDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Create a npc group
eventNpcGroupScriptDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Execute a script on an event npc group
eventSetBotNameDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the name of a bot
eventSetBotScaleDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the scale of a bot
eventSetNpcGroupAggroRangeDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the aggro range of a NPC group
eventSetFaunaBotAggroRangeDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the aggro ranges (not hungry, hungry and hunting) of a fauna creature
eventResetFaunaBotAggroRangeDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Reset the aggro range of a fauna creature to sheet values
eventSetBotCanAggroDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Define if a creature can take aggro for another entity
eventSetItemCustomTextDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the custom text of an item. For scroll-like items it's the text displayed in the help window.
eventResetItemCustomTextDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Reset the custom text of an item to an empty string.
eventSetBotSheetDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Changes the sheet of a bot: <.creature sheet>
eventSetBotFactionDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Changes the faction of a bot: <faction name>
eventSetBotFameByKillDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Changes the amount of fame earned for bot faction when killing it: <fame value>
eventSetBotURLDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the url of a bot
eventSetBotURLNameDEV:SGM:GM:EM:Set the url name of a bot