List of External Libraries

zlibDependency of mysql, libxml2 and Qt. Can not use bundled versions of these libraries.
mysql connector cNELNS, RYNS: Connection from service to login database. (NOTE: Can be a bitch to compile.)
curlRY Client: Patching system.
libwwwRY Client: Webbrowser (plus html-based context widget) (NOTE: No longer maintained. Duplicates functionality of libxml2.)
libjpegNLMISC Bitmap
libpngNLMISC Bitmap
libxml2NLMISC Xml stream
freetypeNL3D Text rendering
libsquishNL3D TOOLS: DXT Compression (NOTE: Seems no longer maintained.)
liboggNLSOUND: Dependency of libvorbis
libvorbisNLSOUND: Streaming of ogg vorbis audio
luaRY Client UI
luabindRY Client UI