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 A good chunk of this, especially the information about NPC guards, is related the the Ryzom game content and does not necessarily apply to the code available through Ryzom Core!


All over the currently known territories of Atys, towers will be erected by those who want to claim lands for their own faction. Owning or loosing a land won't be without consequences, as the towers will grant special advantages to the members of the corresponding faction...

PvP Flag

The first thing to keep in mind is the role of the PvP flag. You will only be affected by the rules and effects described in this document if you choose to enable it. This way, if you don't want to participate in the PvP conflict, you will be able to stay out of it – you will only be affected by the availability of respawn points and teleport tickets. However, there will be an interesting difference: there will be large battles all over the territory, which you will be able to watch safely.

Claiming Territories

Picture A – Example of the Fyros Land

We see on picture A that there is a base per region; their purpose is to host spires summoned by you. There is one base per region. Each base has a specific effect when activated by a faction (examples: bonus in melee damage, in Sap regeneration rate, etc.). This effect is automatically active in the whole region as soon as the spire has been taken, and will positively affect all PvP-flagged players of the faction which owns the spire, and negatively affect all PvP-flagged players of the opposing faction.

Summoning a Spire

During a faction war, factions can create a spire on each base. It will give the control of the region to the faction which has summoned it. Once the spire in place, the region is considered as belonging to the faction owning the spire. Active altars and TP tickets in the region are only those of the faction who took control over that region.

To summon a spire, you will have to spend faction points gained by killing enemy players during faction wars or by destroying opposing spires. Faction points are centralized on a global pool. There are different kinds of spires with different effects (regeneration rates, characteristics, power, etc.) and unique spires (with a effect on resists, dodge/parry, etc.) available for the faction owning the most spires in all territories.

Each spire has many HP and a very high regeneration rate. There is a fixed global amount of HPs for all spires, distributed among all of them – the more spires you own, the less HP each of them has, thus making it increasingly defend to defend them.

Linking Regions

On Picture A you will notice a red line linking the spires numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: the same faction owns the five spires of five contiguous regions: Outlaw Canyon > Sawdust Mines > Savage Dunes > Scorched Corridor > Dunes of Exile.

When two spires belonging to the same faction are linked (contiguous regions) their effects are spread in all linked regions. On Picture A since the line is 1-2-3-4-5 all effects are active in the five regions of that line.

Spires levels

Each active spire on a base is automatically “level 1”.

As you construct more spires their level will increase (see the table below) and the effect of these spires becomes stronger. If the number of owned spires decreases the spires' level will automatically decrease accordingly.

Spire LeveSpires Required
Level 11 spire
Level 25 spires
Level 315 spires
Level 425 spires
Level 535 spires

In Picture B, the opposing faction has captured the Scorched Corridor (2), breaking the 1-2-3-4-5 line. The line becomes only 3-4-5 (losing the effects from 1 and 2), and 1 becomes isolated (losing the four extra effects).

Picture B – Losing a base.



It is impossible to respawn in a region owned by an opposing faction. It is possible to respawn in a neutral region, a region controlled by one’s faction, or in one’s own capital.

Teleportation tickets

It is impossible to use TP tickets when their destination is an area owned by an opposing faction. It is possible to use TP tickets in neutral areas, areas controlled by one’s faction, or in capitals.

NPC Guards

Next to each spire there are 6 NPC guards and also officers in charge of warning the faction using a dedicated channel when a spire is under attack, destroyed or spawned. The level of these NPC guards doesn’t depend on the level of the area:

Guard TypeLevel
Elite Warrior250 (Defense 50)
Warrior250 (Defense 50)
Warrior250 (Defense 50)
Magician250 (Defense 50)
Magician250 (Defense 50)
Magician250 (Defense 50)

Creating Spires

Spires are created at the root level of a primitive in World Editor and have a point associated with them.

Spires have the following properties:

  • name
  • effect
  • neighbours
  • sheet_socle
  • sheet_spire

Valid Effects:

  • TotemStatsHP
  • TotemStatsSap
  • TotemStatsSta
  • TotemStatsFoc
  • TotemRegenHP
  • TotemRegenSap
  • TotemRegenSta
  • TotemRegenFoc
  • TotemHarvestAgg
  • TotemHarvestQty
  • TotemHarvestZRs
  • TotemCraftSuc
  • TotemCombatRes
  • TotemCombatPar
  • TotemCombatCri
  • TotemCombatMagOff
  • TotemCombatMagDef
  • TotemCombatMROff
  • TotemCombatMRSpd
  • TotemCombatDS
  • TotemCombatArm
  • TotemCombatPoZ
  • TotemMiscMov

The neighbours are a list of the names of neighboring spires.

The sheet_socle parameter defines the default sheet for the spire - the default look.