Configure Linux Web Services

Configuring and running Ryzom Core Web Services on GNU/Linux

Preparing Packages

For Debian/Ubuntu users you will need to install the following packages:


Create a public web directory and point a VHost to it.

Point a second VHost to the same directory with port 40916


Upload the following to your public web directory of your PHP host


Upload the following to a private directory accessible by your PHP host



Run the following script and follow the instructions


This script will create a config.php under the public php directory, and set up the nel, nel_tool and ams databases.


Additional Notes

  • Restart Apache by typing the following.
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart


  • Make sure the directory's requiring write permissions is writeable by all.
chmod a+w code/ryzom/tools/server/admin/graphs_output
chmod a+w code/ryzom/tools/server/admin/templates/default_c
chmod a+w code/ryzom/tools/server/www/login/logs
chmod a+w code/ryzom/tools/server/ryzom_ams/www/
chmod a+w code/ryzom/tools/server/ryzom_ams/www/html/cache
chmod a+w code/ryzom/tools/server/ryzom_ams/www/html/templates_c