Run Client on Windows

We supposed you have finish the compilation steps detailed in Build Source on Windows and now you want to run your own client to connect on the open shard.

  1. You may want to check the known issues section at the bottom of the page before you proceed.
  2. If you are using your own shard, you may want to use a pre-built client executable file to confirm whether your shard is okay. Then if your client has problems, you can know it isn't your shard's fault.

Download the latest client from Downloads for WindowsAfter download launch ryzom_client_r.exe to test the shard.


The Mercurial repository (Getting Source) doesn't contains all big data such as textures and 3D objects. You need first to download the client archive before starting Ryzom Core.

Get the latest client from Downloads for Windows and then extract the archive where you would like it, for example in c:\ryzom_client and then replace the binary and the drivers with your own from the build folders.

If you play on the official Ryzom shard you can also reuse data from your official Windows client and copy the whole folder to c:\ryzom_client.

Running under Visual studio

Right click on "client" project on the left tree then click on Set as Startup Project

Right click on "client" project on the left tree then click on Properties

In Configuration Properties->Debugging->Working Directory set the path to the client directory, for example c:\ryzom_client. Press "OK"

Press F5 to run the client.

Running outside Visual Studio

Create a shortcut R:\code\ryzom\bin\client_ryzom_r.exe inside c:\ryzom_client.

Edit the properties of the shortcut and be sure "Start in" point to c:\ryzom_client.

Double click on the shortcut.


This step is extremely important. It is not an option to use the "client_ryzom_r.exe" packaged with the client archive. Since this installation is often outdated it can cause an annoying issue where none of your characters appear. See Client Connect Errors for more details.

Connect on another shard

By default, the client will try to connect on But if you want to client to connect on another shard, add this line in client.cfg:

StartupHost = "ip.of.your.server:40916";

So it'll override the @StartupHost in the @client_default.cfg that is :

StartupHost = "";

Create a user account

To create a user account, run the client, fill login/password and click 4 times on connect.

Validate the popup you will get.

The account is created.

Client Errors and Known Issues

There is a good chance you'll come across an error or two. If you find one, visit the page detailing Client Connect Errors.

For the legacy client:

  1. You'll need to add the following lines to your client cfg for now:

    TexturesInterface = "texture_interfaces_v3";
    TexturesInterfaceDXTC = "texture_interfaces_dxtc";

    If you have issues with icons missing in the game. This is the reason. 

  2. There are missing textures in the current client archive related to the login screen. You'll notice a grey screen at 2 points while running the client. This should be remedied eventually with update of the client archive. You can unpack client\data\interface.bnp, copy to and and repack using bnp_make.

  3. Before your client will connect to your newly built server, you'll need to update 2 XML files that it uses for communication.
    In your c:\ryzom_client\data directory create a new directory called data_common
    Copy database.xml and msg.xml from \ryzom\code\ryzom\common\data_common\ and place into your c:\ryzom_client\data\data_common directory.
    You can unpack client\data\data_common.bnp instead, replace the two files and repack using bnp_make.

These steps will not be needed eventually.