Setting up Ryzom studio

This article is on how to setup the Ryzom Core Studio tools.

In order to complete this you must have the ryzom core source.  If you do not, go to getting source.

You must also have QT.

Studio source in CMAKE


  1. Open CMAKE
  2. Enable with_qt
  3. Enable with_studio
  4. Compile

Setting up studio

  1. Open the folder with binaries 
  2. Copy studio into rstudio folder on the root directory
  3. Copy required QT binaries into the folder
  4. In rstudio make a folder called plugins
  5. Copy all binaries into the plugins folder with a name like studio_<name of plugin>_plugin
  6. Go to /ryzomcore/code/studio/plugins/ and from each folder of the plugins you want, copy the xml file named after the plugin