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Adding Game Entities (Armor, Spells etc.)



Here is a small list with stuff you should have ready for things to work.

Note: For windows there are some prebuild binaries for everything (client, server, nel tools, ryzom tools). Look hereLook at Downloads for Windows to find out more.

  • Client / Server
    Well this should be clear but of course you need a working client to test the additions and a working server with access to it as we have to add files on it. There are a bunch of tutorials in the wiki for the plattform of your choice. E.g.:


As you can see there's also a parent defined which declares some standard matis armor values. We dont need it at the moment but if you want to have a look at it you'll find the file at leveldesign/game_element/sitem/armor/_parent/matis

So now we need to change the values to match a vest (already modified file provided below) :

  • change the "EquipmentSlot" from Value="Feet" to Value="Chest" (line 10)
  • change the "CraftPlan" to "bcmaea11.sbrick". This is the needed corresponding sbrick file i mentioned earlier. We will create it later. (line 13) 
  • change "shape" and "shape_female" to the shape names we found out earlier (MA_HOM_armor00_gilet.shape and MA_HOF_armor00_gilet.shape) (lines 16 ; 17)
  • change "icon" to "AR_gilet.tga" (see icons above) (line 19)
  • if you like you can add another "ATOM" below "icon background" in the "3D" "STRUCT". Name it "color" and give it the value "White" (Black, Beige, Green, Red, Turquoise, Blue, Violet are also available) (between lines 20-21)
  • save the file which should now look something like this:


Code Block
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FORM Revision="$Revision: 1.0 $" State="modified">
    <PARENT Filename="_gma_l.sitem"/>
        <STRUCT Name="basics">
            <ATOM Name="name" Value="matis light vest"/>
            <ATOM Name="ItemType" Value="Light vest"/>
            <STRUCT Name="EquipmentInfo">
                <ARRAY Name="EquipmentSlots">
                    <ATOM Value="Chest"/>
            <ATOM Name="CraftPlan" Value="bcmaea11.sbrick"/>
        <STRUCT Name="3d">
            <ATOM Name="shape" Value="MA_HOM_armor00_gilet.shape"/>
            <ATOM Name="shape_female" Value="MA_HOF_armor00_gilet.shape"/>
            <ATOM Name="map_variant" Value="Low Quality"/>
            <ATOM Name="icon" Value="AR_gilet.tga"/>
            <ATOM Name="icon background" Value="BK_matis.tga"/>
            <ATOM Name="color" Value="White"/>
        <STRUCT Name="faber">
            <ATOM Name="Tool type" Value="ArmorTool"/>
    <LOG>created by aquiles</LOG>


Creating Armor SBrick

So far so good! Now we need to add the brick for crafting. Have a look into the sbrick folder


Code Block
ls $RYZOM_HOME/code/ryzom/common/data_leveldesign/leveldesign/game_element/sbrick/craft/effect/armor/matis/light_armor


Code Block
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FORM Revision="$Revision: 1.22 $" State="modified">
    <STRUCT Name="Basics">
      <ATOM Name="FamilyId" Value="BCMAEA"/>
      <ATOM Name="IndexInFamily" Value="1"/>
      <ATOM Name="SPCost" Value="30"/>
      <ATOM Name="LearnRequiresOneOfSkills" Value="SC 0"/>
      <ATOM Name="Action Nature" Value="CRAFT"/>
      <ATOM Name="Skill" Value="SCALBEM"/>
      <ATOM Name="LearnRequiresBricks" Value="bcpa10.sbrick"/>
      <ATOM Name="CivRestriction" Value="matis"/>
    <STRUCT Name="Client">
      <ATOM Name="Icon" Value="AR_botte.tga"/>
      <ATOM Name="IconBack" Value="BK_matis_brick.tga"/>
      <ATOM Name="IconOver" Value="FP_over.tga"/>
      <ATOM Name="IconOver2"/>
    <STRUCT Name="faber">
      <ATOM Name="Tool type" Value="ArmorTool"/>
      <ATOM Name="Item Max Level" Value="100"/>
      <STRUCT Name="Create">
        <ATOM Name="Crafted Item" Value="icmalb.sitem"/>
        <ATOM Name="Nb built items" Value="1"/>
        <ATOM Name="MP 1" Value="Raw Material for Clothes"/>
        <ATOM Name="Quantity 1" Value="2"/>
        <ATOM Name="MP 2" Value="Raw Material for Armor interior coating"/>
        <ATOM Name="Quantity 2" Value="2"/>
        <ATOM Name="MP 3" Value="Raw Material for Armor interior stuffing"/>
        <ATOM Name="Quantity 3" Value="1"/>
        <ATOM Name="MP 4" Value="Raw Material for Armor clip"/>
        <ATOM Name="Quantity 4" Value="1"/>
        <ATOM Name="MP 5"/>
        <ATOM Name="Quantity 5" Value="0"/>
<LOG>Default one</LOG>


Again we are going to change it now to resemble a vest craft plan

  • change IndexInFamily to 11 as this is the 11th item in the BCMAEA family (line 6)
  • change Skill to SCALVEM (Master Light Vest Crafting) (line 10)
  • change icon to AR_gilet.tga (line 15)
  • change "Crafted Item" to icmalv.sitem (line 24)
  • for simplicity i shortened the raw material list :)


Add crafting plan to trainer (todo)


Adding Spells



As for the current system a spell consists of different components:

  • The general type (heal, damage, affliction etc.)
  • An effect type for that general type (e.g. cold and acid are dmg spell effects)
  • The explicit spell level component (eventually while leveling you can e.g. replace your old boring acid damage spell lvl 4 with the brand new lvl 5)
  • Options for the spell like area damage or ricochet
  • Credits to equal the costs of the spell (common credits are Mana (SAP as with ryzom ;) ) or cast time etc.)


A sphrase is a list of sbrick.
We will list all the sbrick (spell, credit, effect, etc) that we need.

We will learn all of them at once:

  • bmpa01.sbrick General damage spell component
  • bmoetea02.sbrick Cold spell effect
  • bmoetmc00005.sbrick Cold spell damage
  • bmcr00001.sbrick Range credit
  • bmca00002.sbrick Sap credit