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About Ryzom Core

Ryzom Core is a framework built to encourage and facilitate the creation of open-source MMORPG projects and worlds. It contains all of the essential functionality needed for a mid-to-large scale MMO. All of the essential 3D, sound (including spatial sound), physics, landscape/terrain, data loading and core network services are available. Ryzom Core has a robust pre-built shard framework ready for developers to build game logic upon and ready to scale to whatever the developer needs. One Ryzom Core's fundamental differences between most of its open-source competitors is that Ryzom Core has been in development since 2001 and is the framework behind the commercial MMORPG Ryzom. Ryzom Core is a complete platform for MMORPG development and includes a vast array of artistic assets, tools, services and a full featured client so that a new project can sit down and begin creation on day one.

Contacting Ryzom Core

You can find the Ryzom Core community through our IRC channel (irc.freenode.net / #ryzom) as well our Google Plus Community.

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Tools Related Ideas

Ryzom Core Blender Exporter

Ryzom Core DAE Converter


Ryzom Core Landscape Editor Plugin

The Landscape Sculpting tool should use bezier patches as the underlying topology (since that is the native topology of NeL landscape zones.) A basic ability to edit sub-objects on the patch and to add sub-objects (cut to add more segments and points) is an essential. The ability to "sculpt" with brushes is the second task required. Finally an option to deform the topology using a heightmap. This tool should output a ".zone" file which is a binary serialization of CZone.

Landscape Painter should be based on the 3DSMAX Patch Painter plugin (nel_patch_paint). Nearly all of the underlying logic already directly manipulated the NeL CZone object - only the 3DSAMX driven presentation needs to be replaced.

The Ligoscape Editor will need to be able to define various zones created by the previous modules as ligobricks and define their purposes (ligozone, ligomat, ligotrans or special.) It will need to be able to export all of this information in a form that is usable by World Editor.

OVQT Tool Conversions and Improvements

Server Related Ideas

Implementation of NLNET Service in node.js

NeLNS Qt Displayer and Services Dashboard

Ryzom Core API Service

Ryzom Core Service Security

Content Manager Service and Frontend

Ryzom App Improvements

Ryzom Game Functionality

Implement New Movement Modes

Conversion of Client Web Browser Technology

Programmable Shader Pipeline

General Usability

Miscellaneous Game Play Additions

Please note that many of these ideas are short in duration and trivial while others are fairly complex. Please assess the difficulty and time required before using one of these ideas for a proposal. A task which we believe to be only a few weeks worth of work will not be accepted as a proposal. In these cases it may be helpful to lump together a theme of ideas for example guild improvements, outpost improvements or changes to the PVP system.


Web Related Ideas

Replace Admin Panel