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Adding Guild Mission


Now, you're NPC will be able to create a new guild for you.

Notice: Creating a guild can be expensive, if you don't have enough money you can:

  • Open the entities_game_service_default.cfg file and change the variable GuildCreationCost to 0, which gives you GuildCreationCost = 0;.
  • Or you can use a command to give you some money: /a Money 1000000 (execute this command in the chat dialog)


We are gonna create a new guild mission and a new solo mission that some guild members will have to complete. 
Only the guild leader will be able to pick this mission.

The objectives of this mission are:

  • 2 guild members will have to complete a solo mission
  • The guild members will have to kill a total of 2 yubos


Here is what you should have in your tree (i set the title of the mission tree to GUILD_MISSION)




Image RemovedImage Added


Now that you have a mission tree it's time to set its properties.
Fill the properties of the mission tree like this (double click on the mission tree to see the properties window):

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  • The name is just the name you want to set for the world editor.
  • The audience must be Guild because it's a guild mission.
  • I set the giver primitive to urban_newbieland.primitive because i want a NPC from the urban_newbieland primitive to give us the mission. If you don't have this primitive you can learn how to create a new NPC that gives mission in this article: Adding Quests.
  • I set the mission category to Killing.
  • I set mission description to: GUILD_MISSION_DESC. The mission description must be a language code that you must add to the language files.GUILD_MISSION_DESC does not exist in those files so the description of the mission will simply be GUILD_MISSION_DESC.
  • I set the mission giver to: $givervar@fullname$. We will see later what it means.
  • I set the mission title to: GUILD_MISSION_TITLE. (Same remark that for the mission description).
  • You don't see it in the screenshot but i checked the replayable radio box to allow us to complete this mission several times.