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  • Complete the spires code and provide demonstration material and scripts.
  • Implement improved mount/packer abilities such as taming/training and cavalry skills (ability to attack with penalty while mounted.)
  • Implement PVP XP and PVP-specific skill tree code.
  • Implement Guild/Faction/etc banners - using WindTree code to have a 'flapping' effect. Allow the new item type to have AOE bricks associated with it. Provide guild officer commands to grant and revoke standard bearer rights. Allow guilds to buy varying levels of standard. Perhaps add a PVP-restriction to its AOE abilities.
  • Modify the guild system to have guild officer defined structure and ranks.
  • Improve 'outgame' screens. Allow subsequent runs of the client to be full screen for outgame. Allow an outgame scene to be displayed at the login screen.
  • Additional outpost building types (see the suggestion)
  • Improve guild management interfaces, provide more details and abilities (see the suggestion).
  • Extend outpost code to support a concept of 'homesteading' for guild members. Allow guilds to place guild buildings and players to place player buildings. Could lead to guild-owned hamlets.
  • Improve the campfire code to allow creation of other objects, e.g. crates. (see the suggestion).
  • Add tell/whisper windows or channels to the UI.
  • Improve Ryzom Ring - see the suggestion.
    • Additional logic components.
    • Spawning of props.
    • Ability to add sound effects.
    • Scenario Repository - allow players to submit scenarios and other players to download from WebIG.
    • Ability for a player to 'host' a scenario on the Ring servers.
  • Additional mission types: global and faction based missions. Similar in concept to group and guild missions.
  • Musical instruments (ala Star Wars Galaxies). See the suggestion.
  • RP features such as food or drink. Allow PCs to visit bars/restaurants. Essentially throw-away consumables for dapper sinks and role play.
  • Damageable and destructible outpost buildings. Damage affects production (if applicable.)
  • Improve material deposits to not be impacted or dependent on EGS reboots: persist the status of the deposit so that the state survives shard reboots but implement seasonal re-population. Make the re-population cycle configurable per deposit zone.


Web Related Ideas

Replace Admin Panel

  • Summary:Replace the admin panel with a responsive panel in the AMS
  • Description: Ryzom Core has a admin panel which was developed quite some time ago, as such the web administration portal has some lacking features. Last year at GSoC the AMS was created as a new web interface for ryzom. We need to build the admin functionality into the ams.
  • Technical Details: The new admin portal will need to have the features of the old one, including starting and stopping the shard and specific services, viewing the service logfiles etc. Additionally the AMS will need to be expanded so that you can create users in it manually and fix up a few lingering issues.
  • Specification: TBD
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Required Skills: PHP, C++, HTML, CSS
  • Mentor: Botanic