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The Music handling system can be provided either by the loaded sound library driver, such as FMod, when this is available in the used sound library, or by NeL Sound when it can be implemented using OS specific functionality, such as Windows Media Foundation and GStreamer. The implementation of this is not a priority.

Implementation Stage One

The stream sound feature has been implemented with the following limitations. It has only been tested for stereo streams, played back at position 0, 0, 0 with relative mode enabled. Positioning behaviour of stereo streams in other situations is undefined. It is not known if the implementation correctly handles mono streams, and whether these are positioned correctly. The music system remains the legacy system, and has been extended to allow playback directly through the stream sound feature, so that a per-driver implementation of ogg streaming is not necessary.

Status: Applied to default branch of repository in changeset c424f6edad82.
“Merged: From sound_dev to default. (Summary: Implemented Stream Sound and Group Controller feature. Various performance improvements and bug fixes in the sound code. Fixed sanity of IThread start and isRunning, added setPriority)”

Implementation Stage Two

Define positioning behaviour for stereo streams and sounds. Ensure positioning works correctly for mono streams.

Status: Todo (High Priority)

Implementation Stage Three

Reinvent the music channel system. Support for OS, and possibly hardware, provided multimedia playback facilities for music channels.