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You can put any number of const string (e.g. "toto") and var (float or $string) separated by coma. All the string representation are concatenated to form the final string.


Code Block
print("Ma position est ", x, ":", y);




You can dynamically define function on the group.

This function are called script function or user function (as opposed to the hard coded ‘native function’native function).

User functions don't have parameters.


Code Block
  print("message"); // print a message
  mavar = 5*mavar; // the variable mavar is now equals to mavar*5
  caller.mavar = mavar; // the variable mavar of the caller's is now equal to mavar (see info bellowbox for more explanation)

In the above code we could replace caller by parent which is another keyword that indicate the parent of a machine state. The parent/children relation is defined for dynamic spawned groups (see AI Scripting Native Functions Reference).