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  • Summary: Complete the conversion of important level design tools such as Tile Editor and Georges Editor and implement improvements to existing tools or to the OVQT framework.
  • Description: The OVQT tool has become the primary tool used for content creation in Ryzom Core. It's still a fairly immature tool and needs plugins adapted to it or polished so as to be more usable and stable. There are several on-going efforts to accomplish this such as a new Georges Editor plugin, a new Tile Editor plugin and a mostly complete Mission Compiler. In addition there are some tools which could use some additional minor functionality. The editor framework itself is purposely simple but could use some slight improvements as well.
  • Technical Details: This project will be a collection of small improvements to existing tools, minor updates to the extension framework and the completion of partially-to-mostly completed tools with existing reference implementations. There are issues linked for each one of these.
  • Specification: Issues #11 (Georges Editor), Issue #12 (Tile Editor), Issue #24 (Mission Compiler), Issue #25 (Splash Screen), Issue #26 (Hot Load Plugins), Issue #27 (UXT Editor)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Required Skills: C++, Qt
  • Mentor: Matt Raykowski (sfb) or┬áDzmitry Kamiahin(dnk-88)

Server Related Ideas

Implementation of NLNET Service in node.js

  • Summary: Create an implementation of the full NLNET service protocol in node.js
  • Description: The goal is to be able to create a NeL service that runs under node.js and communicates with native C++ NeL services.
  • Technical Details: Implementation of binary serialization of network packages. P2P connection between services. Implementation of protocol for communication with NeL Naming Service.
  • Specification: TBD
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Required Skills: JavaScript, C++
  • Mentor: TBD

NeLNS Qt Displayer and Services Dashboard